Wes and Bob's Wedding

August 29, 2009, The Bartlett Arboretum, Stamford, CT

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Wedding Celebration of Bob Scrofani & Wes York  

Gary Scrofani, Dean York, Gary York, Richard Scrofani, Steven Scrofani  

Justice of the Peace:
Peggy Villani


Welcome                                     Peggy Villani


Three short poems by 13th century poet Rumi
                                                   Julie Lynn York

  Wedding Song                           by Wesley York
Beverly Blanchard, soprano
               Robert Scrofani, piano

Exchanging of Vows and giving of Rings

Declaration of Marriage                Peggy Villani

Blessing                                       Peggy Villani

Presentation of the Newlyweds       Peggy Villani



 Hors d’oeuvres


Madrigals – performed by Paul Butler, Bea Crumbine, Amanda Fry, Jon Hunt,  Anne Tornillo


 “Dinner by bites”


 Remarks and toast from the Groomsmen, Gary Scrofani and Dean York. ***Wes and Bob would like to invite and encourage anyone who wishes to say a few words to come forward at this time.***


Bulgarian Wedding Dance. Everyone is invited to join us in this simple circle dance.


Dessert and coffee


We would like to acknowledge, with love, our parents celebrating with us today:
          Dolores York
          Emanuel Scrofani

and our parents who are waiting for us in Heaven:
       Gina Scrofani
           Wesley York

  --Bob & Wes


Wedding Song
music by Wesley York  
Text adapted from the Song of Solomon
with additional text adapted from Michael Jeffries

My lover spoke to me and said,
Come away -
Come, my love, my fair one come away.
For now cold winter’s past, the breeze is warm;
Rain is over, all the clouds are gone.  

The grass is green, the flowers appear,
Come away -
Blossoms from the trees fall in the air.
The time for singing songs has now begun.
Set me as a seal upon your heart.  

I’ve tried to memorize
My life before we met,
Before your love had taught me joy.
This way I’ll always know
Just how you changed the time.
I’ll think of spring, your name will sing in my mind.  

The vines are fragrant with their fruit,
Come away.
Come, my love my fair one come away.
The fig tree bears its green and tender figs.
Now set me as a seal upon your heart.
Oh come away, come away.